Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Administrator's Configuration File Reference

Directory Structure

This section describes the directory structure that is created when you first install Sun Java System Web Server. In a stand-alone Web Server installation, all these directories are in the install_dir by default. In Web Servers installed as part of Java Enterprise System, the instance directories (which in this case includes both admin-sever and https-sever_id) are in a different location. For more information on the default locations for these directories on different platforms, see the information on instance_dir in Default Paths and File Names.


The admin-server directory has the following subdirectories:


The bin directory contains the binary files for administering Web Server. These files include wadm, the administration command-line interface (CLI).


An https-server_id directory is created for every instance you create. This directory has the following subdirectories and files:


The include directory contains the various include files, for example, NSAPI and SHTML include files.


The jdk directory contains the bundled Java development kit (JDKTM). For stand-alone installations only.


The lib directory contains internal binaries, scripts, libraries, and bundled plug-ins. These files are private files, for internal use only.


The plugins directory contains the plug-in subdirectories. .

For more information on these plug-ins, see Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Administrator’s Guide.


The samples directory contains samples and example components, plug-ins, and technologies supported by the Sun Java System Web Server Servlet engine. This includes binaries, all code, and a build environment.


The setup directory contains the various Web Server setup files, including the installation logs.