Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Administrator's Configuration File Reference


The following table describes parameters for the pfx2dir function.

Table 7–11 pfx2dir Parameters




URI prefix to convert. It should not have a trailing slash (/). 


Local file system directory path to which the prefix is converted. It should not have a trailing slash (/). 


(Optional) Specifies an additional named object in obj.conf whose directives will be applied to this request.


(Optional) Instructs the to server look for the PATHINFO forward in the path after ntrans-base, instead of backward from the end of path as the server function find-pathinfo does by default.

The find-pathinfo-forward parameter is ignored if the ntrans-base parameter is not set in rq->vars when the server function find-pathinfo is called. By default, ntrans-base is set.

This feature can improve performance for certain URLs by reducing the number of stats performed in the server function find-pathinfo.

On Windows, you can use this feature to exclude the PATHINFO from the server URL normalization process (by changing `\' to `/') when the PathCheck server function find-pathinfo is used. Some double-byte characters have hexadecimal values that might be parsed as URL separator characters such as `\' or ~. Using the find-pathinfo-forward parameter can sometimes prevent incorrect parsing of URLs containing double-byte characters.


(Optional) Common to all obj.conf functions. Adds a bucket to monitor performance. For more information, see The bucket Parameter.