Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Troubleshooting Guide

Planning Ahead

As applications get deployed, un-deployed, and redeployed, and as you experiment with different server configuration settings, there may be times when your server gets into an unstable state. In such cases, it is useful to have a previously saved working configuration on which to fall back. This is not problem solving, but rather a way to avoid problems in the first place.

Refer to the Web Server Administrator's Guide for complete instructions on using the CLI and GUI options. Briefly, however, for the purposes of this Troubleshooting Guide, use the following procedure to backup the virtual servers in your configuration:

ProcedureTo back up your virtual server

  1. Go to Common Tasks page.

    The Common Tasks page is the home page when you access the administration console. Fore information on accessing the administration console, refer to the Administrator's Guide.

  2. Select the Configuration.

    From the Configuration Tasks page, select the configuration from the drop down box.

  3. Copy Virtual Servers.

    Select the virtual server from the list and click Copy button. A window will pop up. Provide the new virtual server name and click OK. The web applications also gets copied.