Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 1 Developer's Guide

ProcedureSpecifying CGI File Extensions

You can associate the file types for CGI programs. That is, you can configure the CGI programs to have the file extensions .cgi, .exe, or .bat. The programs can be located in any directory in or under the document root directory of the virtual server.

By default, the file extensions for CGI programs are .cgi, .exe and .bat. However, you can change which extensions indicate CGI programs by modifying the MIME types file.

  1. Modify the following line in the mime.types file to specify the desired extensions.

    type=magnus-internal/cgi exts=cgi,exe,bat
  2. Restart the server after editing mime.types.

    When the server is enabled to treat all files with an appropriate extensions as CGI programs, the obj.conf file contains the following Service directive:

    Service fn="send-cgi" type="magnus-internal/cgi"
See Also

For more information on configuring CGI for your server, see the Configuring CGI Subsystem for Your Server in Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 1 Administrator’s Guide.