Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 3 NSAPI Developer's Guide

net_read() Function

The net_read function reads bytes from a specified socket into a specified buffer. The function waits to receive data from the socket until either at least one byte is available in the socket or the specified time has elapsed.


int net_read (SYS_NETFD sd, char *buf, int sz, int timeout);

Return Values

The number of bytes read, which will not exceed the maximum size, sz. A negative value is returned if an error has occurred, in which case errno is set to the constant ETIMEDOUT if the operation did not complete before timeout seconds elapsed.


SYS_NETFD sd is the platform-independent socket descriptor.

char *buf is the buffer to receive the bytes.

int sz is the maximum number of bytes to read.

int timeout is the number of seconds to allow for the read operation before returning. The purpose of timeout is to limit the amount of time devoted to waiting until some data arrives.

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