Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 3 NSAPI Developer's Guide

netbuf_getc() Function

The netbuf_getc function retrieves a character from the cursor position of the network buffer specified by b.

Note –

Because the constant IO_EOF has a value of 0, netbuf_getc cannot be used to read data that might contain a null character. To read binary data, use netbuf_getbytes() Function or netbuf_grab() Function.


netbuf_getc(netbuf b);

Return Values

The integer representing the character if a character is retrieved, or the constant IO_EOF or IO_ERROR for end of file or an error.


netbuf b is the buffer from which to retrieve one character.

See Also

netbuf_buf2sd() Function, netbuf_close() Function, netbuf_getbytes() Function, netbuf_grab() Function, netbuf_open() Function