Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 3 NSAPI Developer's Guide

systhread_start() Function

The systhread_start function creates a thread with the given priority, allocates a stack of a specified number of bytes, and calls a specified function with a specified argument.


SYS_THREAD systhread_start(int prio, int stksz, void (*fn)(void *), void *arg);

Return Values

A new SYS_THREAD pointer if the call succeeds, or the constant SYS_THREAD_ERROR if the call does not succeed.


int prio is the priority of the thread. Priorities are system-dependent.

int stksz is the stack size in bytes. If stksz is zero (0), the function allocates a default size.

void (*fn)(void *) is the function to call.

void *arg is the argument for the fn function.

See Also

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