Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 3 NSAPI Developer's Guide

vs_get_id() Function

The vs_get_id function finds the ID of a VirtualServer*.

The ID of a virtual server is a unique null-terminated string that remains constant across configurations. While IDs remain constant across configurations, the value of VirtualServer* pointers do not.

Do not FREE the virtual server ID string. If called during request processing, the string will remain valid for the duration of the current request. If called during VSInitFunc processing, the string will remain valid until after the corresponding VSDestroyFunc function has returned. For more information, see vs_register_cb() Function.

To retrieve a VirtualServer* that is valid only for the current request, use request_get_vs.


const char* vs_get_id(const VirtualServer* vs);

Return Values

A pointer to a string representing the virtual server ID. Do not FREE this string.


const VirtualServer* vs represents the virtual server of interest.

See Also

vs_register_cb() Function, request_get_vs() Function