Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 3 NSAPI Developer's Guide

insert Filter Method

The insert filter method is called when an SAF such as insert-filter calls the filter_insert function to request that a specific filter be inserted into the filter stack. Each filter must implement the insert filter method.

When insert is called, the filter can determine whether it should be inserted into the filter stack. For example, the filter could inspect the content-type header in the rq->srvhdrs pblock to determine whether it is interested in the type of data that will be transmitted. If the filter should not be inserted, the insert filter method should indicate this by returning REQ_NOACTION.

If the filter should be inserted, the insert filter method provides an opportunity to initialize this particular instance of the filter. For example, the insert method could allocate a buffer with MALLOC and store a pointer to that buffer in layer->context->data.

The filter is not part of the filter stack until after insert returns. As a result, the insert method should not attempt to read from, write to, or otherwise interact with the filter stack.

For more information, see insert() Function in Chapter 6, NSAPI Function and Macro Reference.