Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 3 NSAPI Developer's Guide

filebuf_open() Function

The filebuf_open function opens a new file buffer for a previously opened file. It returns a new buffer structure. Buffered files provide more efficient file access by guaranteeing the use of buffered file I/O in environments where it is not supported by the operating system.


filebuf *filebuf_open(SYS_FILE fd, int sz);

Return Values

A pointer to a new buffer structure to hold the data if successful, or NULL if no buffer can be opened.


SYS_FILE fd is the platform-independent file descriptor of the file that has already been opened.

int sz is the size, in bytes, to be used for the buffer.


filebuf *buf = filebuf_open(fd, FILE_BUFFERSIZE);
if (!buf) 

See Also

filebuf_getc() Function, filebuf_buf2sd() Function, filebuf_close() Function, filebuf_open_nostat() Function