Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 3 Performance Tuning, Sizing, and Scaling Guide

NativePoolQueueSize Directive

The NativePoolQueueSize determines the number of threads that can wait in the queue for the thread pool. If all threads in the pool are busy, then the next request-handling thread that needs to use a thread in the native pool must wait in the queue. If the queue is full, the next request-handling thread that tries to get in the queue is rejected, with the result that it returns a busy response to the client. It is then free to handle another incoming request instead of being tied up waiting in the queue.

Setting the NativePoolQueueSize lower than the maximum threads value causes the server to execute a busy function instead of the intended NSAPI function whenever the number of requests waiting for service by pool threads exceeds this value. The default returns a “503 Service Unavailable” response and logs a message, depending on your log level setting. Setting the NativePoolQueueSize higher than the maximum threads causes the server to reject connections before a busy function can execute.

This value represents the maximum number of concurrent requests for service that require a native thread. If your system is unable to fulfill requests due to load, allowing more requests queue up increases the latency for requests, and could result in all available request threads waiting for a native thread. In general, set this value to be high enough to avoid rejecting requests by anticipating the maximum number of concurrent users who would execute requests requiring a native thread.

The difference between this value and the maximum threads is the number of requests reserved for non-native thread requests, such as static HTML and image files. Keeping a reserve and rejecting requests ensures that your server continues to fill requests for static files, which prevents it from becoming unresponsive during periods of very heavy dynamic content load. If your server consistently rejects connections, this value is either set too low, or your server hardware is overloaded.


You can modify the NativePoolQueueSize by editing the NativePoolQueueSize directive in magnus.conf.