Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 3 Performance Tuning, Sizing, and Scaling Guide

Using nostat

You can specify the parameter nostat in the obj.conf NameTrans function assign-name to prevent the server from obtaining statistics on a specified URL whenever possible. Use the following syntax:



<Object name=default>
NameTrans fn="assign-name" from="/nsfc" nostat="/nsfc" name="nsfc"
<Object name=nsfc>
Service fn=service-nsfc-dump

In the previous example, the server does not obtain statistics for path /ntrans-base/nsfc and /ntrans-base/nsfc/* if ntrans-base is set. If ntrans-base is not set, the server does not obtain statistics for URLs /nsfc and /nsfc/*. By default, ntrans-base is set. The example assumes the default PathCheck server functions are used.

When you use nostat= virtual-path in the assign-name NameTrans, the server assumes that the statistics on the specified virtual-path will fail. Therefore, use nostat only when the path of the virtual-path does not exist on the system, for example, in NSAPI plug-in URLs. Using nostat on those URLs improves performance by avoiding unnecessary statistics on those URLs.

For more information about obj.conf, see the Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 3 Administrator’s Configuration File Reference.