Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Administrator's Configuration File Reference

Configuration Files

Each server instance has its own directory, called instance_dir in this document. The instance_dir/config directory contains configuration files for the Web Server components. The exact number and names of the configuration files depend on the components that have been enabled or loaded into the server. For the default location of the instance_dir, see Default Paths and File Names.

These files, as well as some other configuration files not included in the config directory, are described in the following sections:

The server.xml File

The server.xml file contains most of the server configuration. A schema file, sun-web-server_7_0.xsd, validates its format and content. For more information about sun-web-server_7_0.xsd and the various elements of server.xml, see Chapter 2, Syntax and Use of server.xml and Chapter 3, Elements in server.xml.

The magnus.conf File

The magnus.conf file contains the NSAPI plug-in initialization directives and settings that control the way NSAPI plug-ins are run. For more information about magnus.conf, see Chapter 4, Syntax and Use of magnus.conf and Chapter 5, Predefined SAFs in magnus.conf.

The obj.conf File

The obj.conf file contains directives for HTTP request processing. For more information about obj.conf, see Chapter 6, Syntax and Use of obj.conf and Chapter 7, Predefined SAFs and Filters in obj.conf.

The mime.types File

The mime.types file maps file extensions to MIME types to enable the server to determine the content type of a requested resource. For example, requests for resources with .html extensions indicate that the client is requesting an HTML file, while requests for resources with .gif extensions indicate that the client is requesting an image file in GIF format. For more information about mime.types, see Chapter 8, MIME Types.

ACL Files

The Access Control List (ACL) files contain lists that define who can access resources stored on your Web Server. By default, Web Server uses one ACL file. You can create multiple ACL files and reference them in the obj.conf and server.xml files. For more information about ACL files, see Chapter 9, ACL Files.

Other Configuration Files

Other configuration files for administration and for applications include the certmap.conf, sun-web.xml, login.conf, server.policy, and default-web.xml. For more information on these files, see Chapter 10, Other Server Configuration Files.