Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Administrator's Guide

Archiving Log Files

You can set up log files to be automatically archived. At a certain time, or after a specified interval, the server rotates your access logs. The server saves the old log files and marks the saved file with a name that includes the date and time they were saved.

For example, you can set up files to rotate every hour, and the server saves and names the file “access.199907.0152400,” where “name|year|month|day|24-hour time” is concatenated together into a single character string. The exact format of the access log archive file varies depending upon which type of log rotation you set up.

Access log rotation is initialized at server startup. If rotation is turned on, the server creates a time-stamped access log file and rotation starts at server startup.

Once the rotation starts, the server creates a new time stamped access log file when there is a request that needs to be logged to the access log file and it occurs after the previously-scheduled “next rotate time.”