Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Administrator's Guide

Configuring Monitoring Parameters

To change general monitoring settings for a configuration, edit the values under the General Settings section. The following table provides the field description of general monitoring parameters:

Table 13–2 Field Description > General Monitoring Settings



SNMP subagent

To use SNMP you must have a master agent and at least one subagent installed and running on your system. You need to install the master agent before you can enable a subagent.

Select this option to enable/disable SNMP subagent. 


The poll interval is the number of seconds between updates of the statistics information displayed. 

If your server instance is running, and you have enabled statistics, you see a page displaying the kind of statistics you selected. The page is updated every 5-15 seconds, depending upon what you chose for the poll interval. 


You can use the statistics/profiling feature to monitor your server’s current activity. The statistics show you how many requests your server is handling and how well it is handling these requests. You can view some statistics for individual virtual servers, and others for the entire server instance.  

Select this option to enable/disable profiling.