Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Administrator's Guide

Setting Up Java Class Path

This section enables you to add JVM class path for the selected configuration.

ProcedureTo Set Up Java Class Path

  1. Click the Configuration tab to see the list of available configurations and select the configuration you need.

  2. Click Java > Path Settings tab.

    Edit the following parameters:

    • Ignore Environment Class Path — Enabled by default.

    • Class Path Prefix — Prefix for the system class path. You should only prefix the system class path if you wish to override system classes, such as the XML parser classes. Use this with caution.

    • Server Class Path — Class path containing server classes. Read-Only list.

    • Class Path Suffix — Append to server class path.

    • Native Library Path Prefix — Prefix for the operating system native library path.

    • Bytecode Preprocessor Class — Fully qualified name of a class that implements com.sun.appserv.BytecodePreprocessor. A typical way to perform runtime class instrumentation is through the preprocessing mechanism, whereby profiling and monitoring tools use a class preprocessor to insert instrumentation code at the required places in the Java classes just before they are loaded by the JVM. Toward that end, the class preprocessor works in conjunction with the class loader.