Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Administrator's Guide

Working With External JNDI Resources

Creating External JNDI Resources

This option lets you create an external Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) resource. You need a JNDI resource to access resources stored in an external JNDI repository.

ProcedureTo Add an External JNDI Resource

  1. Click the Configuration tab and select the configuration from the list.

  2. Click Java > Resources tab.

  3. Under External JNDI, click New.

Properties for External JNDI Resources

The following table describes the properties available when adding a new external JNDI resource.

Table 11–4 External JNDI Resources Properties




Provides a unique name for the new external JNDI resource. 


Determines if this external JNDI resource is enabled at runtime. 

External JNDI Name

Name of the external JNDI resource. 

Resource Type

Fully qualified type of resource. 

Factory Class

Class that instantiates resources of this type. 


Provides a short description for the external JNDI resource. 


Optionally provides CLI properties. Enabled by clicking the Add Property button. 

Note –

Using CLI

To create an external JNDI resource through CLI, execute the following command:

wadm> create-external-jndi-resource --user=admin 
--password-file=admin.pwd --host=serverhost --port=8989 --config=config1 
--jndilookupname=index.html external-jndi

See CLI Reference, create-external-jndi-resource(1).