Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo Set Up a Server Farm

  1. Installing Administration Server and Administration Nodes

    Install the administration server. You can install the administration server through Web Server Installer GUI or through the wadm CLI.

    You can choose the Express installation option, which will install an administration server on port 8989. Alternatively, choose Custom Installation option for setting your preferences. To install the administration server, choose the option Install server as Administration Server in the installer setup screen. You need to specify the SSL port but may or may not specify a non SSL port.

    Note –

    If a non SSL port is specified, an administration node is created in the administration server node and this need not be registered with the administration server explicitly.

    To install the administration node , choose Custom Installation and then Install server as administration node. Specify a port for installation. You do not have an option to select non SSL port because all communication between administration server and administration node is through a secure channel. During installation, you will be asked if you need to register the node with the administration server. If you choose not to register the node during installation, you can use the wadm CLI to perform this action.

    Note –

    You cannot install administration nodes through express installation.

  2. Register the Administration Node with the Administration Server

    The administration nodes have to be registered to the administration server for them to be part of the cluster or the server farm. The administration nodes will not start unless they are registered to an administration server. To register the administration node execute the following command through wadm CLI.

    wadm> register-node --user <admin-user> --port <SSL Port> --host <node name>

    This port is the one specified during the administration server installation. The host is the hostname of the node where the administration server is installed.

    This action will register the node to the administration server.

    Note –

    A node can be registered only from the same node . You cannot go to the CLI of the administration server and register any node. Also the registration of node with the administration server can be done in SSL mode only.

    To set session replication for the created cluster, seeConfiguring Session Replication.