Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Administrator's Guide

Enable WebDAV at Instance Level

You can use the Administration Server to enable WebDAV for the entire server. When you do so, the following directive is added to the magnus.conf file that loads the WebDAV plugin:

Init fn="load-modules" shlib="/s1ws6.1/lib/" funcs="init-dav,ntrans-dav,pcheck-dav,service-dav"
Init fn="init-dav" LateInit=yes

The init-dav Init function initializes and registers the WebDAV subsystem.

To enable WebDAV execute the following command in CLI.

wadm> enable-webdav --user=admin --password-file=admin.pwd 
--host=serverhost --port=8989 --config=test

See CLI Reference, enable-webdav(1).