Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo Delete a Group

  1. Select the configuration from the configuration list. Click Configurations tab to get the list.

  2. Click the Access Control > Groups tab.

  3. Select the authentication database from which you need to delete the group.

  4. Enter the Group Name in the Search Users text box and click the Search button.

  5. Select the group from the Group Name column and click the Delete button.

    Note –

    Deleting a group does not delete the users belonging to the group. You have to delete the users manually or reassign groups.

    Note –

    Using CLI

    To delete a group through CLI, execute the following command.

    wadm> delete-group --user=admin --password-file=admin.pwd --host=serverhost
    --port=8989 --config config1 --authdb LDAP1 group1

    See CLI Reference, delete-group(1).