Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Administrator's Guide

Document Field

The Sun Java System Web Server maintains an index of documents. The index contains an entry for each document. Each index entry contains one or more fields such as Title, Author, and URL. Queries can be limited to specific document fields, and documents are only found if they match your criteria in the specified fields.

For example, if you simply search for Einstein, you will find all documents that have the word Einstein in any one of the Title, Author, or Keywords fields. This will include documents about Einstein, documents that make reference to Einstein, and documents written by Einstein. But if you specify Author = "Albert Einstein" , you will only find documents written by Albert Einstein.

By default, the index fields that you can search are:

  1. Author — The author, authors, or organization that created the document as specified with an <author> meta tag.

  2. Keywords — The keywords as specified with a <keywords> meta tag.

  3. Date — The date that this document was last edited or modified.

  4. Title — The document's title as specified with the HTML <title> tag.

PDF files contain FTS information about the author, title and subject. To search in PDF files for these information, you can construct a query like <title> contains Java, <subject> contains web server.