Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Administrator's Guide

Guidelines for Creating Dynamic Groups

Consider the following guidelines when using the Administration Server to create new dynamic groups:

Table 8–1 Dynamic Groups: Required Parameters

Parameter Name  



The Distinguished Name (DN) of the search base, or point from which all searches are performed in the LDAP directory. This parameter is often set to the suffix or root of the directory, such as "".


A list of the attributes to be returned by the search. To specify more than one, use commas to delimit the attributes (for example, "cn,mail,telephoneNumber"); if no attributes are specified, all attributes are returned. Note that this parameter is ignored for dynamic group membership checks.


The scope of the search, which can be one of these values: 

  • base retrieves information only about the distinguished name (<base_dn>) specified in the URL.

  • one retrieves information about entries one level below the distinguished name (<base_dn>) specified in the URL. The base entry is not included in this scope.

  • sub retrieves information about entries at all levels below the distinguished name (<base_dn>) specified in the URL. The base entry is included in this scope.

    This parameter is required.


Search filter to apply to entries within the specified scope of the search. If you are using the Administration Server forms, you must specify this attribute. Note that the parentheses are required. 

This parameter is required. 

Note that the <attributes>, <scope>, and <(filter)> parameters are identified by their positions in the URL. If you do not want to specify any attributes, you still need to include the question marks delimiting that field.