Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Administrator's Guide

Enabling Directory Listing

When a web browser is pointed to a directory on your web site that does not have an index.html file or a welcome file, the files in that directory cannot be listed on a web page. You can turn on directory listing for a virtual server by executing the following command:

enable-directory-listing --user=admin --host=serverhost
--password-file=../admin.passwd  --port=8989 --ssl=true --no-prompt 
--rcfile=null --index-style=simple --config=config1 --vs=vs

The –index-style field denotes the type of directory index to generate if the server cannot find one of the index file names specified. If your server is outside of firewall, turn directory listing on. This format includes a graphic that represents the type of the file, the last modified data and the file size.