Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Administrator's Guide

What is Not Supported

Support for <If>, <Else> and <ElseIf> tags is limited in the Administration Infrastructure (Administration Console and CLI). Though obj.conf file supports these tags with any directives, variables, SAFs, expression literals, expression functions and expression operators, the Administration Infrastructure supports only <If> tags with redirect SAF for NameTrans directive with all the variables, expression literals, expression functions and expression operators.

For example, you can configure:

<If $browser =~ "MSIE">
	NameTrans fn = "redirect" url="/msie.html"

But you cannot configure:

If $browser =~ "MSIE">
	NameTrans fn = "redirect" url="/msie.html"
	NameTrans fn="redirect" url="/other.html"

Note –

You can use the get-config-file and set-config-file CLI commands to make use of more complicated expressions using <If>, <ElseIf> and <Else>.

See, get-config-file(1) and set-config-file(1).