Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Administrator's Guide


The filter-fastcgi is a Service function. This function is used to forward the request to a “Filter” type of FastCGI application. The “Filter” application receives the information associated with the HTTP request and also the data from the file stored on the server. The “Filter” application then generates a “filtered” version of the data stream as the response. This response is sent back to the user agent. More information on the FastCGI Roles can be found at

The list of parameters accepted by filter-fastcgi SAF are available at:FastCGI SAF Parameters .

The following obj.conf code example demonstrates the use of filter-fastcgi:

Service fn="filter-fastcgi" app-path="/fastcgi/apps/filter/SimpleFilter" bind-path="localhost:3434" app-env="LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/fastcgi/fcgi-2.4/libfcgi/.libs" min-procs=2