Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Administrator's Guide

Troubleshooting FastCGI Plug-in

Fastcgistub is a process manager that manages the lifecycle of the FastCGI application processes. Fastcgistub logs its messages into a Fastcgistub.log file under Web Server's temporary directory. In case there are any errors, checking this file can help in debugging the problem.

Problem: FastCGI requests are not getting served.

Possible cause and solutions are as follows:

  1. Check if the FastCGI plug-in is loaded. If the following message appears during Web Server startup, then the plug-in is loaded successfully. Otherwise, check the path to the plug-in library within magnus.conf: FCGI1000: Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 3 FastCGI NSAPI Plugin < build info>

  2. Check if the request mapping is correctly specified within obj.conf. For more information on the obj.conf file, see the Sun Java System Web Server Administrator's Configuration Reference File.

  3. Check the errors log for any possible error messages.

  4. Check the permissions of the stub binary and FastCGI applications. If enough permissions are not given, the plug-in fails to start the stub or the application.

  5. Check the Fastcgistub.log file for any possible errors on the stub side. You can find the log details in <instances>/logs.

  6. If possible, run the FastCGI application in standalone mode and check if it runs without any issues.

If any library dependency errors are thrown, specify the LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the obj.conf as app-env parameter with LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<dependency library paths> value .

Problem: FastCGI application is not getting started.

Possible cause and solutions are as follows:

Check Fastcgistub.log file for the following log messages:

<pid> process startup failure, trying to restart
Even after trying <n> time(s), <application path> process failed to more retries

One of the reasons for startup failures can be the failure to load the dependent library. This issue can be resolved by specifying the appropriate library path(s) as a app-env parameter value to the FastCGI application configured in the obj.conf file. For example:

Service fn="responder_fastcgi" app-path="/fastcgi/c/tux-app" bind-path="localhost:2112"