Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Administrator's Guide

Creating a Self-Signed Certificate Using CLI and Enabling SSL

Start the wadm from the installation directory and perform the following steps:

$wadm --user=admin
Please enter admin-user-password>enter the administration serverpassword


Sun Software PKCS#11 softtoken

$wadm>create-selfsigned-cert --nickname=MyCert 
--token="Sun Software PKCS#11 softtoken"
Please enter token-pin>enter the password

CLI201 Command 'create-selfsigned-cert' ran successfully

$wadm>set-ssl-prop --http-listener=http-listener-1 enabled=true 
server-cert-nickname="Sun Software PKCS#11 softtoken:MyCert"
CLI201 Command 'set-ssl-prop' ran successfully

CLI201 Command 'deploy-config' ran success

Start the Administration Server.

$ cd <install-dir>/<instance-dir>/bin/startserv
Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 3

Please enter the PIN for the "Sun Software PKCS#11 softtoken" token:enter the password
info: HTTP3072: http-listener-1: ready to accept requests
info: CORE3274: successful server startup