Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Administrator's Guide

Configuring FastCGI Plug-in on Web Server from CLI

There are five CLI commands associated with FastCGI handler which are listed below:

ProcedureTo Configure FastCGI Plug-in from CLI

  1. Invoke the following command to create a FastCGI handler.

    wadm> create-fastcgi-handler --config=test --vs=test --uri-pattern=/php/* --role=filter

    A FastCGI handler with role as Filter is created.

    For more information, see CLI Reference, create-fastcgi-handler(1)

  2. Deploy the configuration by invoking the following command.

    wadm> deploy-config test

    Note –

    If you are creating the FastCGI handler for the first time, you should restart the instance after deploying the configuration.

    wadm> restart-instance --config=test localhost