Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo Configure LDAP Authentication

  1. Login to Administration Console.

  2. Click the Nodes tab to view a list of nodes configured in the server.

  3. Click the Administration Node from the list.

  4. Select Authentication from Administration Server - General Settings page.

  5. Select the Use LDAP Authentication button.

    Note –

    The Use LDAP Authentication is enabled only for Administration Server.

  6. Enter LDAP authentication information.

    By entering the user groups in the Allowed Groups text field, the administrator enables or disables LDAP authentication to the group.

  7. Click the Save button.

    Note –

    Using CLI

    • To enable the Administration Server to authenticate against LDAP server, execute the following command.

      wadm enable-admin-ldap-auth --user=admin --host=serverhost 
      --password-file=../admin.passwd --port=8989 --ssl=true --no-prompt rcfile=null 
      --bind-dn=cn="Directory Manager"

      wadm enable-admin-ldap-auth --user=admin --host=serverhost 
      --password-file=../admin.passwd --port=8989 --ssl=true 

      See CLI Reference, enable-admin-ldap-auth(1)

    • To disable the Administration authentication to LDAP server execute the following command.

      wadm disable-admin-ldap-auth --user=admin --host=serverhost 
      --password-file=../admin.passwd --port=8989 --ssl=true --no-prompt --rcfile=null

      See CLI Reference, disable-admin-ldap-auth(1)

    • To display the Administration LDAP authentication properties execute the following command.

      wadm get-admin-ldap-auth-prop --user=admin --host=serverhost 
      --password-file=../admin.passwd --port=8989 --ssl=true --no-prompt rcfile=null

      wadm get-admin-ldap-auth-prop --user=admin 
      --host=serverhost --password-file=../admin.passwd --port=8989 --ssl=true 
      --no-prompt rcfile=null allow-group

      See CLI Reference, get-admin-ldap-auth-prop(1)