Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 6 Installation and Migration Guide

Creating a State File

The installer configuration file (state file) is created when the savestate option is used with the setup command to start an interactive installation. Settings are captured during the interactive installation and saved in a state file. This file forms the template for silent installation, which can be used to install the product on one or more systems. The state file can be modified later if necessary, as described in Changing the State File.

ProcedureTo Create a State File

  1. Navigate to the directory that contains the setup script and other installation files.

  2. Start the installation program.

    • Graphical installation mode:

      • ./setup --savestate (UNIX)

      • setup --savestate (Windows)

    • Command line installation mode:

      • ./setup --console --savestate (UNIX)

      • setup --console --savestate (Windows)

  3. Perform the installation as described in the installation steps in Installing in Graphical Mode or Installing in Command-Line Mode on UNIX and Linux.

    The state file is created and saved in the installation directory (/sun/webserver7 by default on UNIX, C:\Program Files\sun\webserver7 on Windows). The default name of the file is statefile, but the file name can be changed if desired. For information about using the state file for silent installation, see Running the Installer in Silent Mode.