Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 6 Developer's Guide to Java Web Applications

Source Code for IWS60

The IWS60 session manager creates an IWSHttpSession object for each session. The source files for and are in the install_dir/lib directory. The source code files for and are provided, so you can use them as the starting point for defining your own session managers and session objects.

IWSSessionManager extends IWSHttpSessionManager. The class file for IWSHttpSessionManager is in the JAR file webserv-rt.jar in the directory install_dir/lib. The IWS60 implements all of the methods in IWSHttpSessionManager that need to be implemented, so you can use IWSSessionManager as an example of how to extend IWSHttpSessionManager. When compiling your subclass of IWSSessionManager or IWSHttpSessionManager, be sure that the JAR file webserv-rt.jar is in your compiler’s classpath.

The and source files and the source file for the parent class,, are provided so you can modify the session persistence mechanism of IWS60. These files are also located in the install-dir/lib directory.