Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 7 Performance Tuning, Sizing, and Scaling Guide

Using the Solaris Network Cache and Accelerator (SNCA)

The Solaris Network Cache and Accelerator (SNCA) is a caching server that provides improved web performance to the Solaris operating system.

It is assumed that SNCA has been configured for the system on which the Web Server is running. For more information about SNCA and its configuration and tuning, refer to the following man pages on your system:

ProcedureTo Enable SNCA to Work With Web Server

This procedure assumes that SNCA has been configured, as discussed above.

  1. From the Common Tasks page, choose a configuration and click Edit Configuration.

  2. Click the HTTP Listeners tab and select the HTTP listener to edit.

  3. On the Edit HTTP Listener page, set the Protocol Family to nca.

    The HTTP listener must be listening on port 80 for this to work.

  4. Save your changes.

  5. Click the Performance tab.

  6. Click the Cache sub tab.

  7. On the Cache Settings page, make sure the file cache is enabled and enable Use Sendfile.

  8. Save your changes.

  9. Redeploy the configuration for your changes to take effect.

Maximum Threads and Queue Size

When configuring Web Server to be used with SNCA, disabling the thread pool provides better performance. These settings are on the configuration's Performance tab ⇒ HTTP sub tab, under Thread Pool Settings. To disable the thread pool, deselect the Thread Pool Enabled checkbox. You can also disable the thread pool using the wadm set-thread-pool-prop command's enabled property.

The thread pool can also be disabled with non-SNCA configurations, especially for cases in which short latency responses with no keep-alives must be delivered.