Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 7 Administrator's Guide

Installing a Certificate Chain

  1. Login to the Admin Console.

  2. Click Edit Configuration from Common Tasks > Configuration Tasks.

  3. Click the Certificates > Certificate Authorities tab from the Configurations page.

  4. Click the Install... tab from the Certificate Authorities (CAs) page.

    An Install CA Certificate Wizard opens. The wizard guides you through the settings available for installing a Certificate Chain.

The following sections provide a description of the fields available in the wizard pages:

Step 1: Select Tokens and Passwords

This wizard page enables you to set a token from a list of available tokens for the configuration and to enter the password for the same.

Select the Token (Cryptographic Device) which contains the keys. If your key is stored in the local key database maintained by the server, choose Internal. If your key is stored in a Smart Card or other external device or engine, choose the name of the external token from the drop-down list box. Enter the Password for the selected token.

Step 2: Enter Certificate Data

The wizard page enables you to enter certificate data along with the headers in the text area or provide the path to a file containing the certificate date.

Paste the certificate text in the text area provided. When you copy and paste the text, be sure to include the headers “Begin Certificate” and “End Certificate”—including the beginning and ending hyphens.

Step 3: Certificate Type

The wizard page enables you to choose the type of certificate to be installed.

Select Certificate Chain as Certificate Type.

Step 4: Review

This page provides you with a summary of selected options. Click Finish to complete the installation process.

Step 5: Results

This wizard page displays the result of Install CA Certificate action.

The CA Certificate is installed successfully