Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0.9 Administrator's Configuration File Reference

Changes in Function Flow

There are times when the function flow changes from the normal request-handling process. This happens during internal redirects, restarts, and URI translation functions.

Restarted Requests

Requests may be restarted. For example, a PathCheck directive might restart a request for http://server_name/ as a request for http://server_name/index.html.

Internal Requests

The server can generate internal requests. For example, an SHTML file or Servlet might include a file. While processing the original request, the server makes an internal request to retrieve this file.

URI Translation

The server can execute AuthTrans and NameTrans directives to translate a URI to a physical path name without starting a new request. For example, the server might execute AuthTrans and NameTrans directives in order to set the PATH_INFO_TRANSLATED CGI environment variable.