Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0.9 Administrator's Configuration File Reference


The find-index function investigates whether the requested path is a directory. If yes, the function searches for an index file in the directory, and then changes the path to point to the index file. If an index file is not found, the server generates a directory listing. If the obj.conf file has a NameTrans directive that calls home-page and the requested directory is the root directory, the server returns the home page to the client instead of the index page.

The find-index function does nothing if there is a query string, if the HTTP method is not GET, or if the path is that of a valid file.


The following table describes parameters for the find-index function.

Table 7–20 find-index Parameters




Comma-separated list of index file names to look for. Use spaces only if they are part of a file name. Do not include spaces before or after the commas. This list is case-sensitive if the file system is case-sensitive. 


(Optional) Common to all obj.conf functions. Adds a bucket to monitor performance. For more information, see The bucket Parameter.


PathCheck fn="find-index" index-names="index.html,home.html"

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