Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0.9 Administrator's Configuration File Reference


The ssl-check function is used along with a Client tag to limit access of certain directories to non-exportable browsers. If a restriction is selected that is not consistent with the current cipher settings, this function displays a warning that ciphers with larger secret keysizes must be enabled.

The function returns REQ_NOACTION if SSL is not enabled, or if the secret-keysize parameter is not specified. If the secret keysize for the current session is less than the specified secret-keysize and the bong-file parameter is not specified, the function returns REQ_ABORTED with a status of PROTOCOL_FORBIDDEN. If the bong-file is specified, the function returns REQ_PROCEED, and the path variable is set to the bong-file name. Also, when a keysize restriction is not met, the SSL session cache entry for the current session is invalidated so that a full SSL handshake will occur the next time the same client connects to the server.

Requests that use ssl-check are not cacheable in the accelerator file cache if ssl-check returns something other than REQ_NOACTION.


The following table describes parameters for the ssl-check function.

Table 7–30 ssl-check Parameters




(Optional) Minimum number of bits required in the secret key. 


(Optional) Name of a file (not a URI) to be served if the restriction is not met. 


(Optional) Common to all obj.conf functions. Adds a bucket to monitor performance. For more information, see The bucket Parameter.