Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0.9 Administrator's Configuration File Reference

Directives in obj.conf

The directives in obj.conf invoke functions known as Server Application Functions (SAFs). Each directive calls a function, indicating when to call it and specifying parameters for it.

The syntax of each directive is:

Directive fn="function" name1="value1"...nameN="valueN"

The value of the function (fn) parameter is the name of the SAF to execute. All directives must supply a value for the fn parameter; if there is no function, the instruction will do nothing. The remaining parameters are the arguments needed by the function, and they vary from function to function.

For example:

NameTrans fn="document-root" root="D:/Sun/webserver7/https-server/docs"

In this example, the directive is executed during the NameTrans stage of request processing, and invokes the document-root SAF to specify the document root directory for the server. The document-root SAF parameter root specifies the path to the document root directory.

Parameters can contain references to variables and expressions. The variables can be predefined variables, variables defined at request time using the set-variable SAF, or variables defined in server.xml. For more information on the set-variable SAF, see set-variable. For more information on defining variables in server.xml, see variable. For more information on expressions and variables, see Appendix A, Using Variables, Expressions, and String Interpolation.

The server is shipped with a set of built-in SAFs that you can use to create and modify directives in obj.conf. Chapter 7, Predefined SAFs and Filters in obj.conf discusses these SAFs in detail. You can also define new SAFs, as discussed in Chapter 2, Creating Custom Server Application Functions, in Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0.9 NSAPI Developer’s Guide.

The magnus.conf file contains Init directive SAFs that initialize NASPI plug-ins. For more information, see Chapter 5, Predefined SAFs in magnus.conf.