Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0.9 Administrator's Configuration File Reference

Sample ACL File

After installation, the instance-dir/config/default.acl file provides default settings for the server. When editing an ACL file, you can make changes in the default file, then deploy the changes. You can also create additional ACL files.

A sample default.acl file is as follows:

version 3.0;
acl "default";
authenticate (user, group) {
  prompt = "Oracle iPlanet Web Server";
allow (read, execute, info) user = "anyone";
allow (list, write, delete) user = "all";

acl "es-internal";
allow (read, execute, info) user = "anyone";
deny (list, write, delete) user = "anyone";

Note –

The above access control rules allow anyone to read resources on the server but restrict listing, writing, and deleting resources to authenticated users.