Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0.9 Administrator's Configuration File Reference


The access-log element configures an HTTP access log. This element may appear zero or more times within the server element and zero or more times within the virtual-server element. For more information, see server, and virtual-server.


The access-log element can contain the following subelements:

Table 3–1 List of access-log Subelements





0 or 1 

Determines whether the server writes to this access log. The default value is true.


0 or 1 

The name that uniquely identifies the access log. If you specify a name, the server will not automatically log to this access log. Instead, you should explicitly configure this access log in an obj.conf AddLog directive.


The file name of the access log. If a relative path is used, it is relative to the server's config directory. For example, ../logs/access.


0 or 1 

The format of the access log entries. The default format is the CLF (common log file) format. For more information on the access log format, see Appendix C, Using the Custom Log File Format.

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