Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0.9 Administrator's Configuration File Reference

If, ElseIf, and Else

The If, ElseIf, and Else tags enable you to define the conditions under which to execute a set of directives. Like the Client tag, these tags can only appear inside an Object tag. In addition, these tags can evaluate an expression, then conditionally execute one or more contained directives. However, there are some key differences between the these tags and the Client tag, as summarized below:

When used, an ElseIf or Else tag must immediately follow an If or ElseIf tag. ElseIf and Else tags are skipped if the preceding If or ElseIf expression evaluates to logical true.

The following example shows If, ElseIf, and Else tag syntax:

<If $path eq "/">
<If $browser =~ "MSIE">
NameTrans fn="rewrite" path="/msie.html"
<ElseIf $browser =~ "Mozilla">
NameTrans fn="rewrite" path="/mozilla.html"
NameTrans fn="rewrite" path="/unknown.html"

This example presents a different page based on whether the browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla, or another browser.