Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0.9 Administrator's Configuration File Reference


The following table describes parameters for the basic-ncsa function.

Table 7–2 basic-ncsa Parameters




Specifies the type of authorization to be used. The values can be basic, digest, or ssl. The default value is basic.


(Optional) Specifies the full path and base file name of the user database in the native format of the server. The native format is a system DBM file, which is a hashed file format allowing instantaneous access to billions of users. If you use this parameter, do not use the userfile parameter.


(Optional) Specifies the full path name of the user database in the NCSA-style HTTPD user file format. This format consists of lines using the format name:password, where password is encrypted. If you use this parameter, do not use dbm.


(Optional) Specifies the NCSA-style HTTPD group file to be used. Each line of a group file consists of group:user1 user2 ... userN where each user name is separated by spaces.


(Optional) Common to all obj.conf functions. Adds a bucket to monitor performance. For more information, see The bucket Parameter.