Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0.9 Administrator's Configuration File Reference


The following table describes parameter values for the set-variable function.

Table 7–117 set-variable Parameters




Specifies one of the following session or request parameter block names: 

  • client: Contains the IP address of the client machine and the DNS name of the remote machine.

  • vars: Contains the server's working variables, which includes anything not specifically found in the reqpb, headers, or srvhdrs pblocks. The contents of this pblock differ, depending on the specific request and the type of SAF.

  • reqpb: Contains elements of the HTTP request, which includes the HTTP method such as GET or POST, the URI, the protocol (generally HTTP/1.0), and the query string. This pblock does not change during the request-response process.

  • headers: Contains all the request headers (such as User-Agent, If-Modified-Since, and so on) received from the client in the HTTP request. This pblock does not change during the request-response process.

  • srvhdrs: Contains the response headers (such as Server, Date, Content-Type, Content-length, and so on) that are to be sent to the client in the HTTP response.


The variable to set. 


The string assigned to the variable specified by name.