Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0.9 Administrator's Guide

Appendix A CLI Changes From Sun Java System Web Server 6.1

The following table depicts some common tasks that can be performed using Web Server 7.0 and Sun Java System Web Server 6.1.

Table A–1 CLI changes from previous version


6.1 CLI

7.0 CLI

List all the deployed web applications for an instance. 


wadm> list-webapps --user=admin --port=8888 --password-file=admin.passwd --no-ssl

Deploy a anew web application. 

wdeploy deploy -i INSTANCE_NAME -v VIRTUAL_SERVER -u URI_PATH war file name

  1. wadm> add-webapp --user=admin --port=8888 --password-file=admin.passwd --config=HOSTNAME --vs=VIRTUAL_SERVER --uri=URI_PATH war file name

  2. wadm> deploy-config --user=admin --port=8888 --password-file=admin.passwd 'HOSTNAME'

Reconfiguring a running instance. 

No support. 

wadm> reconfig-instance --user=admin --port=8888 --password-file=admin.passwd --config=HOSTNAME

List all virtual servers for an instance. 

HttpServerAdmin list -v -d INSTALL_DIR -sinst https-INSTANCE_NAME

wadm> list-virtual-servers --user=admin --port=8888 --password-file=admin.passwd --config=HOSTNAME

List all JDBC resources. 

HttpServerAdmin list -r -jdbc -d INSTALL_DIR -sintance https-INSTANCE_NAME

wadm> list-jdbc-resources --user=admin --port=8888 --password-file=admin.passwd --config=HOSTNAME

Create a custom resource. 

HttpServerAdmin create -r -custom -jndiname -poolname -enabled true

wadm> create-custom-resource --user=admin --port=8888 --password-file=admin.passwd --config=HOSTNAME --res-type=type --jndi-name NAME

Start an instance. 

No support. 

wadm> start-instance --user=admin --port=8888 --password-file=admin.passwd --config=HOSTNAME NODENAME*

Stop an instance. 

No support. 

wadm> stop-instance --user=admin --port=8888 --password-file=admin.passwd --config=HOSTNAME NODENAME*

Configuring web server with reverse proxy. 

No support. 

  1. wadm> create-reverse-proxy --user=admin --port=8888 --password-file=admin.passwd --config=HOSTNAME --vs='VIRTUAL_SERVER' --from='URI' --server='target-hostname'

  2. wadm> set-reverse-proxy-prop --user=admin --password-file=admin.pwd --host=serverhost --port=8888 --config=config1 --vs=config1_vs_1 --uri-prefix=/test/ --server= --sticky-cookie=testCookie

Disable reverse proxy. 

No support. 

wadm> delete-reverse-proxy --user=admin --port=8888 --password-file=admin.passwd --config=HOSTNAME --vs='VIRTUAL_SERVER' --uri-prefix='URI'

Enable WebDAV. 

No support. 

  1. wadm> enable-webdav --user=admin --port=8888 --password-file=admin.passwd --config=HOSTNAME

  2. wadm> deploy-config --user=admin --port=8888 --password-file=admin.passwd HOSTNAME

Create a new web server 

No support. 

  1. wadm> create-config --doc-root=[DOCROOT] --jdk-home=[JAVAHOME] --server-user=[SERVERUSER] [--document-root=serverdocroot] [--platform=32|64] --http-port=port --server-name=servername CONFIGNAME

  2. wadm> create-instance --config=CONFIGNAME NODENAME

  3. wadm> deploy-config CONFIGNAME