Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0.9 Installation and Migration Guide

Uninstalling in Graphical Mode

The graphical interface is an interactive graphical wizard that walks through the uninstallation process. This is the default mode when the uninstallation program is started without options (./uninstall).

General navigation is as follows:

Note –

On UNIX systems, the uninstallation interface defaults to command-line mode if the DISPLAY environment variable has not been exported to your local machine and if X Windows is not supported. To uninstall in command-line mode, follow the instructions in Uninstalling in Command-Line Mode.

ProcedureTo Uninstall in Graphical Mode

  1. Navigate to the install-dir/bin directory.

  2. Start the uninstallation program

    • (UNIX) Type ./uninstall.

    • (Windows) Double-click uninstall.exe or type uninstall from the command line. You can also use the Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs option, or use Start > Programs > Oracle > Web Server 7.0 > Uninstall.

    The uninstallation wizard appears.

  3. Click Next, and then specify whether to save instance configuration information.

    Selecting Save Instances (not selected by default) retains all the server instance directories in the Web Server's install-dir. Saving instances allows you to reuse the configurations by copying them to the config-store of the new Administration Server

  4. Click Next, and then Uninstall Now to proceed with the uninstallation.

    A progress bar shows status. Following uninstallation, a summary page displays. Click Details for more information, or Close to exit the uninstallation wizard.