Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0.9 Installation and Migration Guide

Web Applications

The following table lists changes related to web applications.

Table 5–6 Changes Related to Web Applications

Changes in Web Server 7.0 


WEBAPP element changed in server.xml

The WEBAPP element is now called web-app and has been moved under the virtual-server element. The changes are made in the new install-dir/admin-server/config-store/config_name/config/server.xml. Changes are also be made in the sun-web.xml and web.xml files for the web applications. If the web application was located inside the old install-dir, it is physically migrated and changes are made in sun-web.xml and web.xml files of the web applications else, the web applications path element in the migrated server.xml is modified to point to the old web application directory. No changes will be made to sun-web.xml and web.xml. A warning message is recorded in the migration log file to manually edit these XML files.