Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes


This section describes the hardware and software required and recommended for this release of Calendar Server.

Note –

For Calendar Server installations that separate functionality across front-end and back-end machines, the hardware platforms and operating systems must be the same on each end.

More specifically, due to big-endian versus small-endian incompatibility, you can’t use both an x86 platform machine and a SPARC platform machine in the same Calendar Server deployment containing front-end and back-end machines.

Moreover, mixing Solaris x86 and Linux operating systems for front-end and back-end machines has not been tested and is not currently supported.

Hardware Requirements and Recommendations

Software Requirements and Recommendations

Supported Software Platforms

Recommended Browsers for Client Computers

See Supported Browsers in Chapter 5, Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2005Q4 Release Notes.

Important Patch Information


Patch Number 

Solaris, SPARC 






ProcedureHow to Find Patches on SunSolve

  1. For the current list of required patches for Sun Java System Calendar Server, go to:

  2. Select either “Patches” or “Patch Portal”.

  3. Follow the Sun Java System Calendar Server links.

    As operating system patch requirements change and patches to Java Enterprise System components become available, updates will be made available on SunSolve, initially in the form of recommended patch clusters.