Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes

Upgrading Your Calendar Database

If you have Calendar Server 6 installed, with Berkeley DB version 3.2.9, the conversion to the current 4.2 version will be done automatically. You do not need to run any other database migration programs.

If you have a Calendar Server 5 installation that uses Berkeley DB version 2.6, you must upgrade your calendar database to version 4.2. using the cs5migrate utility. The utility is available upon request from technical support.

If you have an existing Calendar Server 2 installation, you must upgrade to Calendar Server 5 before you can migrate to the current release.

The cs5migrate utility performs the following tasks:

In addition, if the -r option is specified, cs5migrate creates master and exception records for all recurring events and tasks. Going forward these records will be automatically generated by Calendar Server. If you need to migrate your database but do not plan to use the Connector for Microsoft Outlook, you do not need run cs5migrate with the -r option.

Contact technical support for the download location and documentation for either utility.

Caution – Caution –

If your site has an earlier version of Calendar Server that is configured for limited virtual domain mode or has multiple instances of Calendar Server on the same machine, contact your Sun Microsystems, Inc. sales account representative for an evaluation of your migration requirements and to ensure that you have the specific migration utility that supports those requirements.

And, as always, never migrate your database without first performing a full backup.