Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes

What's New in This Release

The following new features and enhancements were added to the Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 release:

The default value for the MISSING_RECIPIENT_POLICY MTA option has been changed from 2 (add envelope recipient list as a To: field) to 1 (ignore missing recipient condition). Messaging Server is now in compliance with RFC 2822.

The MTA now has the ability to process multiple LDAP attributes with the same semantics. The handling attributes receive depends on the semantics. The possible options are: 

  • Multiple different attributes don't make sense and render the user entry invalid. This handling is the default unless otherwise specified for this version of Messaging Server.

  • If multiple different attribute are specified one is chosen at random and used. LDAP_SPARE_3 is the only attribute that receives this handling in this release; it is how all attributes are handled prior to this release.

  • Multiple different attributes do make sense and should be treated as equivalent. This handling is currently in effect for LDAP_CAPTURE,LDAP_MAIL_ALIASES,and LDAP_MAIL_EQUIVALENTS.

The MTA now has the ability to chose between multiple LDAP attribute values with different language tags and determine the correct value to use. The language tags in effect are compared against the preferred language information associated with the envelope from address. Currently, the only attributes receiving this treatment are LDAP_AUTOREPLY_SUBJECT (normally mailAutoReplySubject), LDAP_AUTOREPLY_TEXT (normally mailAutoReplyText), LDAP_AUTOREPLY_TEXT_INT (normally mailAutoReplyTextInternal), LDAP_SPARE_4 and LDAP_SPARE_5.

Sieve errors are now logged as such in mail.log when LOG_FILTER is enabled.

The type of transport protocol in use (SMTP/ESMTP/LMTP) is now logged and made available to the various access mappings. Two new modifier characters have been added to the set that can appear after an action indicator in the mail.log* files:


E - An EHLO command was issued/accepted and therefore ESMTP was used

L - LMTP was used


Previously, the only modifier characters that would appears were A (SASL authentication used) and S (TLS/SSL used). Additionally, the $E and $L flags respectively will be set as appropriate for the various *_ACCESS mappings.

Wildcards are now allowed in the strings used to match verdicts returned by spam filters. 

imsimta encode now supports three new switches:

-disposition=VALUE Sets the content-disposition to the specified VALUE

-parameters=NAME=VALUE Specifies one or more additional content-type parameters and their values -dparameters=NAME=VALUE Specifies one or more additional content-disposition parameters and their values

Bit 4 (value 16) of the DOMAIN_UPLEVEL MTA option is now used to control whether address reversal rewriting is:

(1) Skipped if the address is a mailEquivalentAddress (bit clear)

(2) Performed only if the address is a mailAlternateAddress (bit set)

A value (/) given as an [envelope_from] nonpositional alias parameter, as an errors to positional alias parameter, or as a value of the mgrpErrorsTo LDAP attribute is now interpreted as a request to revert to using the original envelope from address for the incoming message while retaining mailing list semantics. This can be useful for setting up mailing lists that report all forms of list errors to the original sender.

The Job Controller directory sweep has been updated. Instead of reading all the files in the queue directory in the order in which they are found, it reads several channel queue directories at once. This makes for much more reasonable behavior on startup, restart, and after max_messages has been exceeded. The number of directories to be read at once is controlled by the Job Controller option Rebuild_Parallel_Channel. This can take any value between 1 and 100. The default is 12.

The sieve interpreter now keeps track of whether a response message was generated by a notify or vacation action and logs this information as needed. 

The option Rebuild_In_Order parameter has been added to the job_controller. If this is set to a non-zero value, then on startup, the Job Controller adds previously untried (ZZ*) messages to the delivery queue in creation order. Previous (and default) behavior is to add the messages in the order in which they are found on disk. There is a cost associated with recreating the queues in order.

Some additional reasons why a requested vacation response isn't sent are now logged. 

Deprecated Features

Support for the following features may be eliminated in a future release:

Messenger Express and Calendar Express

Going forward, no new features will be added to the Messenger Express and Calendar Express user interfaces. They have been deprecated in favor of the new Communications Express user interface. Sun Microsystems, Inc. will announce an end-of-life time line for Messenger Express and Calendar Express at a future date.

The following bugs affect the deprecated Messenger Express product:

The Up and Down buttons removed. (no bugid)

The Up and Down buttons used to specify the ordering of your filters have been removed.

Buildhash directories should not be referenced in the Messenger Express Customization Guide (6190726)

The documentation should have referenced the ispell source files available at: http://http/

Problems may be seen in Messenger Express on Internet Explorer 6 when proxy server setting is used. (4925995)


Enable or disable “auto-detection” option in Internet Explorer’s encoding menu. Use direct connection or switch to different proxy server.

Feature removed from the Advanced Mail Filter Conditions window. (4908625)

The ability to specify a time frame for your filters has been removed from the Advanced Mail Filter Conditions window (of the Mail Filters user interface) for the Messaging Server 6.0 Patch 1 release. The feature was removed because the underlying support is not available.

If you create groups within an existing group, you may encounter the following error: pab::PAB_ModifyAttribute: ldap error (No Such object). (4883651)

Localized Messenger Express does not merge some of the folders created by Outlook Express. (4653960)

It is sometimes desired that default “Sent” folder in Messenger Express can be replaced with “Sent Items” folder created by Outlook Express, hence all the messages sent by both client is copied to “Sent Items” folder. This operation is difficult, particularly in Japanese.


  1. Edit Japanese i18n.js to match Outlook Express’ “Sent Items” translation

    				  i18n[’sent folder IE’] = ’soushinzumiaitemu’ 
    				  fldr[’Sent Items’] = ’soushinzumiaitemu’
  2. End users must log onto Messaging Server using Outlook Express first.

With Directory Server 5.1 or later, you will not be able to enter multiple email IDs for a single contact in the Personal Address Book. (4633171)

Note that Directory Server is exhibiting correct behavior. Due to a problem in Netscape Directory Server 4.x, you are able to enter multiple email IDs.

Administration Console

The Sun Java System Administration Console has been deprecated and will be removed from the Messaging Server product in a future release.

The following bugs affect the deprecated Administration Console product:

Administration Console can not be started on Red Hat Linux platforms. (6215646)

On Red Hat Linux 3.x, Administration console can not be started. If you click Messaging Server node or Open button on Administration Console, nothing happens. On Red Hat Linux 2.x, Console is started but is missing Manage Certificate button.

Can't start/stop services from Administration console (6215105)

Can't stop IMAP, POP, MTA and HTTP services from Administration console; eventually, the console freezes. This bug will be fixed in the forthcoming patch release.

Administration Server console does not recognize preconfigured Messaging Server in SSL mode. (5085667)

If you have preconfigured the Messaging Server for SSL use, and if you access the Messaging Server configuration from the Administration Server console, the console does not recognize the installed certificates. The Administration Server console attempts to create a new key database.


Before you use the Administration Console, create symbolic links (symlinks) for the SSL certificates from the <msg-svr-root >/config area to the <admin-server-root >/alias area, as follows:

(Linux) Messaging Server console shows an error opening online help. (5054732)

Cannot Create a User Through the Administration Console (4852026 & 4852004)

Messaging Server no longer supports user or group creation using the Administration Console. User and group entries should be created using the User Management Utilities. The following error messages may appear when logging in as, or sending mail to, a user created using Administration Console:

Quota root does not exist

4.0.0 temporary error returned by alias expansion: . . .

Netscape Browser Support

Firefox browser support will replace Netscape browser support at a future date.