Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes

Client Software Requirements

On Windows, you can run Instant Messenger using the browser’s Java Plug-in from the following browsers:

If the client machine has Java 1.4 or later version installed, there are no additional requirements to use either Java Plug-in or Java Web Start. Netscape Navigator v7 as well as the recent versions of the Mozilla browser include Java v1.4 or higher. Internet Explorer does not include the latest version of Java. If you experience problems using the client with Java 1.4, upgrade to 5.0. JDKTM 5.0 is included with Sun Java System Instant Messaging.

If the client machine does not have Java v1.4 or a higher version installed, you need to install Java Web Start. You can download and install Java v1.4. from the Java Technology website.

You can download and install Java Web Start from the Java Web Start Technology website.

HTML links can be exchanged over Instant Messenger and activated from the messenger by clicking them. When a link is activated, the messenger invokes a browser. Table 3–2 lists supported operating system and browser combinations.

Table 3–2 Supported Client OS and Browser Combinations for Instant Messaging

Operating System 



Netscape Communicator, minimum 4.79 

Red Hat Linux 7.x 

Netscape minimum 4.79 

Red Hat Linux, minimum 8.0 

Mozilla, minimum 1.2 

Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP 

No restrictions 

Mac OS X 

No restrictions