Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes

Generic Issues

The User Does Not Have an Option to Choose a View After Logging into Communications Express. (6195844)

The option to select a default view has been removed from Global Options. The Online Help does not reflect this change.

Fully Qualified Host Name Required in URL Even when the User is Authenticated. (5008104)

Communications Express cannot be fully configured if a fully qualified host name is not provided. The domain name is not set in the cookie if the URL is not with fully qualified host name even when the user is authenticated.


Always access the application using a fully qualified host name.

HTTP 502 Error Displayed on Upgrading Communications Express. (6300650)

Communications Express has compatibility issues between JES4 and JES3 version of Messenger Express on Solaris x86. Communications Express reports an HTTP 502 error when users log out.


Upgrade Messaging Server (or Messaging Server MEM) to JES4 version of Messaging Server.

Invalid Path Information provided in config-uwc Configuration file on Linux. (6263554)

The config-uwc configuration file for Linux shows invalid path names for Application Server. This points to the default path that is valid on Solaris but not on Linux.


The incorrect path information shown below:

Install directory: /opt/SUNWappserver/appserver
Directory Domain: /var/opt/SUNWappserver/domains/domain1
Document Root Directory: /var/opt/SUNWappserver/domains/domain1/docroot

should be changed to the following:

Install directory: /opt/sun/appserver/appserver
Directory Domain: /var/opt/sun/appserver/domains/domain1
Document Root Directory: /var/opt/sun/appserver/domains/domain1/docroot

UWCAuth Servlet Throws a NullPointer Exception. (6272426)

In a deployment scenario where the dependent components of Communications Express (deployed on Sun Java System Application Server) are deployed across multiple nodes, the Communicaitons Express UWCAuth Servlet throws a NullPointer Exception.


Restart the Application Server.